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The art of juggling life and work as a mom

Being a mom is an art in itself and also a full time job, women not just “pop babies” and forget about it, well maybe in the 17th century and before. Now a days a woman has multiple “jobs" when it comes to motherhood. For the most part is the woman who stays up late when the kiddos are not feeling well, listens to them when there is a problem, kisses their boo boo’s does the dinner, cleans house etc etc. And on top of that most women have to go to work to help sustain the household.

As I mentioned before, we play many roles and it is not easy to make time for all of it, in my many years of experience in motherhood I have learned to appreciate those who have several children and keep calm, I have only 2 and can’t keep up with them all, I fail quite often at being a mom and housewife, I want to be good at my job and that means I have to keep posting on social media, makings post on my blog, updating my website and all of that takes tons of time, meanwhile I need to drive them to school and after school lessons, my house is a mess, the laundry accumulates, the dishes pile up in the kitchen and I don’t want to mention the floors!

Yes I know I keep a blog on cleaning and believe me when I tell you I FAIL A LOT!

I am still finding that fine balance between being a mom, have a job and have a life, (been looking for that balance for years!) the news is I can’t find it, because I am a 1 woman show and even though I have a wonderful family who helps a lot in the chores of the house, there are still lots to do and that falls under me. So I find myself daily making “executive decisions” between get on working on my career or do dishes, if I do one I leave the other unattended for the rest of the day yet both need to get done and then I also have to find the time for myself,

and if try to read a book at night I just fall asleep or can’t find myself relaxed enough to read at all so here is what I do to get somewhat equilibrium in my life....

None of these are in any order whatsoever I just wing it and sometime I do none of them

  • Have a long shower and practise HO’OPONO PONO or EFT Tapping while showering.

  • Throughout the day (if the weather is nice) I take my shoes off and walk barefoot on the grass.

  • Set up timers to work on task 1 for X amount of time and then move on to next task.

  • Multitask; even though I don’t find it super efficient on me, I still sometimes do is as cuts time, for instance take a phone call and do laundry or dust the house.

  • Make a list of “to do today” and set priorities within the list.

  • Normally I work on my job during school hours and after 4pm is house chores.

  • If I really want to procrastinate and take “the day off” I make a deal with me and set up a time frame for the fun thing I want to do (like painting or baking a something) and after I get to work.

  • Or definitely take the day off and tomorrow do what I didn’t accomplish today.

Somedays are harder than others and even if you have it all planned down to the second, there are other factors that can change your day in a blink of an eye and you have to be prepared for it because life will change your planes ITS MURPHY’S LAW so I suggest you to take a deep breath and maybe count to 10 and get on going because there is no use to be all upset about it. There is always tomorrow!

"No matter how hard the past, you can always begin again"

- Buddha

How do you manage stress?

  • I don’t manage, its just there

  • I take care of my needs by relaxing

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