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The importance of Spring Cleaning

A messy room before spring cleaning
The importance of spring cleaning

Sometimes we don’t have time to clean the house and that is ok. Life gets in the way and lets face it, who likes to clean the house anyways? I and certainly NOT one of them, if you are, well CONGRATULATIONS you are officially my hero!

Spring Cleaning can be a hassle, specially if you are a working mom (or dad) and all you have in mind is getting home and get some dinner, pick up the kids from daycare etc. I get it, I have been there. I didn’t have to “go to work” but sometimes even taking care of these little ones is a full time job in itself, am I right?

However cleaning during spring also feels like you have to do a ton of work and yo already have lots to do!!! Ok, ok, I can give you few pointers to alleviate the load...

A child playing with clean laundry
A child making a mess

1.- Make a Calendar

Or write on your calendar few tasks every day to break the work load, this is of huge importance. Yes, I know that is easier said than done ( Im the queen of it). Still get yourself one of these calendars that have tons of room to write on them (or print one here) and get your kids to add stickers on them to make it fun. Mine is quite simple: On Mondays I do laundry and clean floors (lets face it putting clothes in the machine doesn’t take that much time and it does the work for you). Tuesdays I fold all that laundry from yesterday, If I have small loads then I do my errands. Wednesdays, I vacuum the house, Thursdays clean bathrooms and Fridays are for special extras like wipe windows, walls etc.

2.- Take breaks

As I mentioned before, spring cleaning is about doing chores in small portions. It works great to get things done, just keep in mind if you are a massive procrastinator this way can back fire big time! When you have small children or work from home/outside home you need to be proactive with your time there are a lot of things to take care of when you are in charge of cleaning, if the task is too big just section it in smaller chunks and remember to come back to it when you dictate you are to come back!

3.-You are first

Sometimes (specially women) we tend to leave ourselves to the very end, and sometimes we never take care of us. Please remember YOU ARE IMPORTANT and need to have time for yourself so take a bath with your favourite bubbles or essential oils, have that one glass of wine or a cup of tea at the end of the day to refuel yourself or read that book you are wanting to. In other words; the importance of Spring Cleaning is YOU!!!


Do you do spring cleaning?

  • Yes, every year

  • I’ve been thinking about it

  • Not my thing


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