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About Us 

Todd_and Martha_founders_of FSL
Why we do it...


Based in Chestermere AB, in the heart of Canada’s west. We (Martha and Todd) have two beautiful daughters. Through the experience of being parents and seeing how the world is struggling with its various difficulties, it made us aware of just how important many simple things are and how trivial some things can be. Its our own evolution. 

We have re-evaluated our food consumption, water quality, entertainment, money habits and have also begun questioning many aspects of our world, which isn’t always popular, but definitely worth a positive discussion. Like everyone else we are still learning and probably always will. We want to be able to pass the good information down to our daughters and hopefully you!


We are conscientious and consider ourselves to have a high level of integrity, that is why we commit to sell only products of high quality. Our commitment is to bring a high level of service and back every product we carry. That being said, we do not claim to be scientists, nor medical experts. 

We hope you find this site helpful, and hope these products are a great fit to you and your loved ones 

Cheers and Gratitude 

Todd and Martha T.

Going back to basics 


The essence of life revolves around health food, clean water like Berkey and maintenance of health while avoiding harsh chemicals in the household with Norwex. That is our focus We believe that these should be available in the most convenient and economical ways possible. With Stephens Health Cannabis Sativa oil products, we can take charge of our own quality of health and ideally rely less on conventional medical system. The results and testimonies after using theses products are astounding. 

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