To provide products that we believe are both ethical and beneficial to almost every household and every member in it including pets.  These products include high levels of water purification for hikers and home , Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil products, freeze dried storable food, essential oil based cleaning products and more.  These are all products that our family use regularly and we believe that they are the benchmarks to be compared against.  

The essence of life revolves around healthy food, clean water like Berkey and maintenance of health.  That is our focus.  We believe that these should be available in the most convenient and economical ways possible.  And with Stephen's Health Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil products, we can take charge of our own quality of health and, ideally, rely less on the conventional medical system.  The results and testimonies compiled after the use of these products are astounding.

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The four seasons have always mirrored the circle of life.  The change, the blossoming, the growth and the aging.  And just like in nature, there is always a time for renewal and growth even while aging.  Some see them as representing the evolution and change of our planet, but also the consciousness of those that inhabit it.

The Four S's

Sustain - To sustain both our health and well being, but also the quality of the environment.  We can't enjoy one without the other.

Success - Our well being and planning contributes to our overall life success.  And it's also good for those around us when we can share in it.

Spark - We all need a spark from time to time to keep us motivated, inspired and positive.  If we lose the spark, we lose much more.

Survive - Funny enough that's a big goal in life.  Maintenance for ourselves, as well as a little foresight and planning, goes a long ways.  Also, having access to good water and food when the unexpected happens can be critical.

We hope you enjoy and benefit!



1.  the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort.

2. an approach to healthcare that emphasizes preventing illness and prolonging life, as opposed to emphasizing treating diseases.

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